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How can you get access to the best prices from the developer and builders? 

One potential solution is collective group purchasing.

NZrealestate.Investments has been making pre-sales for new developments for the last 7 years by using the power of group purchasing.

Group purchasing, also referred to as co-ops, collective buying, are designed to provide shared benefits and reduced risk along with improved contract terms. By leveraging the collective purchasing power of multiple individuals, NZrealestate.Investments negotiate on behalf of its participating members to deliver the lowest price and greatest value.

The real benefit of group purchasing is giving everyone the power to buy like the big guys. For one individual negotiating reduced pricing from reputable builders and developers can seem like an exercise in futility. But group purchasing is a direct way to gain better pricing and access to resources that might not otherwise be offered to the individual.

NZrealestate.Investments can mitigate risk by using experienced professionals to negotiate beneficial contract terms and conditions for its members. This is highly valuable when as an individual you lack the time, resources or skill to do so yourself.  And most importantly the saving is made when the builder or developer requires the sales to minimise the financial risk of their current development before the development is advertised on the market.

NZrealestate.Investments’ experts have been able to deliver the best price for home and land packages, new sections, terraced houses and apartments, due to having the power of the collective behind them.
This means those individuals that would usually struggle to gain access to bulk or discounted pricing now can, due to being part of the collective whole.

Be the first in the know, complete the form below and we will send you the available deals in your chosen area by email. Please note that it is a requirement that your finances have been approved.

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