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Residential Investment
block of flats or multi units

A block of flats is defined as several units of one, two or three bedrooms units built in on one site. Theses were mostly built in New Zealand in the 1950's to 1970's for investment purposes, which was great for passive income.

These buildings were built on single titles or separate titles. These days they are a rarity to be  on the market for sale - most of them exchange hands off market as sellers do not wish to disturb their tenants.

We specialise in selling them off market.


Upon request we can provide an owner with a price a purchaser is willing to pay today for their block, whether they wish to sell or not. We have a comprehensive database of willing purchasers ready to make an offer. 

Or If you are an owner who wishes to know what someone will pay for your property please do complete the form below. 

As a purchaser if you are not on our list please complete the form or be in touch today.

Buying or selling 
Block of flats or multi units

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