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Unlock the Benefits of Terrace Living - Experience the Best of Community Living, Affordable Prices, and Minimal Maintenance.
Whether You're a First-Time Homebuyer, Looking for an Investment Opportunity, or Downsizing, Terrace Townhouses Offer the Ideal Solution. Choose from a Range of Freehold Options with No Body Corporate or Shared Communal Spaces, Enjoy a Compact Footprint, and Spend More Time Relaxing and Less Time Maintaining Your Garden.

With Customizable Options from Our Trusted Building and Development Partners, Find the Perfect Terrace Home That Meets

Your Needs and Lifestyle. Invest in a Home That Offers More Than Just a Place to Live, but a Vibrant Community and Low-Stress Lifestyle

Modern Housing

Buying Off The Plans

Why buy a home off the plan?
Purchasing off the plan can be a great option. Due to New Zealand’s well documented housing shortage, there quite a few incentives, especially for young home buyers, such as:

  • Kiwi Saver home start grant.

  • Kiwi Saver first home withdrawals.

  • Welcome Home Loan,

  • Kiwi Build


Plus various bank, and non-bank, loan options.

Our government is actively encouraging more home buyers to build new rather than buy and renovate existing homes.
We will give you a report on what you need to look out for when buying off the plan, including:

  • Due diligence.

  • Can you make alterations when buying off the plan?

  • What to do prior to settlement/moving in.

  • What to be aware of when applying for a mortgage.

  • Insurance requirements.

Square Stage

A simpler solution for many. Amongst the benefits offered by apartment living are:

  1.  An affordable start on the property ladder.

  2. time and dollars on commuting.Most apartment buildings are close to the City, or regional hubs, saving 

  3. They are easier and cheaper to maintain.

  4. Often offer life-style options such as gymnasiums, pool etc.

  5. furnish.Having a smaller foot print they are less costly to re-furbish, renovate and 

  6. Less maintenance offers you more life-style opportunities.

  7. Can be a great option as a city base, where down-sizers also have a week-end retreat.

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RV on Land

Buying a section and building can offer the potential to build your dream home!
However there can be some pitfalls.

A sub-divided section will normally have a fee simple title, with power, water, drainage and cabling connected to the site, leaving you to design and build your dream home, subject to building consents from the local council.

However there may be covenants on the section determining what is allowed to be built within the development, and these may be a condition of the developers resource consent.

White Walls

Shared Ownership helps households into home ownership by allowing them to purchase part of a new home, while the government or another party holds a share of the owner-occupier’s home. By doing so the remaining mortgage costs are more affordable to the household.

Progressive Home Ownership is a partnership-based programme which assists people in housing need move towards independent home ownership. The first step for many households who cannot raise a deposit is to enter an affordable rental programme with secure tenure for five or more years whilst they get mortgage ready. These products succeed when there is:

(1) a selection criteria,

(2) support services,

(3) stable tenure,

(4) subsidy, and

(5) a well-priced home.

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