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Decorating your homes in 2023:

Breaking free from break free from the norm and personalise your space. Pinterest Perfect is out of the door.

Think Colour Colour Colour

Think personality

Think fun pattern wall

Focus on Wellness

And before you think of the above, you would need to do some work like:
Minimalism and decluttering

Emphasises removing unnecessary items and creating a clean, uncluttered look to make a home appear more spacious. This can include clearing off countertops, removing personal items, and storing away excess furniture. By decluttering, it helps potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space and to focus on the home's features rather than the current occupants' belongings.


Personalisation is a way to create a look that appeals to a specific demographic, such as a family-friendly or a luxury vibe. This can include choosing furniture, décor, and accessories appropriate for the target demographic, such as a cosy couch and family photos for a family-friendly home or high-end furniture and art for a luxury home.

Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor spaces like patios, decks, and yards showcase their potential use. This can include setting up outdoor furniture, adding potted plants, and even creating outdoor living rooms. By highlighting the potential use of outdoor spaces, it can help potential buyers see the property's potential and envision themselves living in it.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

It is using sustainable and eco-friendly items and techniques, such as energy-efficient lighting, low-VOC paint, and even repurposing old items. This can help to appeal to environmentally conscious buyers and also help to create a home that is not only visually appealing but also energy-efficient and healthy.

Now that said, let's talk about 2023
Colours, Colours, Colours
One is Viva Magenta!

Let's celebrate colours

2023 calls for vibrancy, warmth, creativity and expression through colour, away from what you know to be the tried and true.

Kylon's Spanish moss, mmm mmmmmmmmmmm! Yum!

and others

Add your personality to your space.

Generous, Sociable, Relaxed
Efficient, Analytical, Organized
Think fun pattern wall

Gucci got it!
Not only the wallpapers have got design, but they also have so much personality!
Put them all together.

Wellness is the word when you wish to put it all together with colours, personality and patterns :

Creating a haven has been elevated over the last few years, and this sentiment will likely continue. Recently, our relationship with home has had a far greater sense of value. It is an important foundation in shaping our lifestyle, evoking a sense of tranquillity, warmth and comfort.

Décor helps your sense of personal identity and can be a reflection of one's lifestyle, values, and priorities. Overall, creating a healthy and comfortable home environment can lead to improved overall health and happiness.

Add lots of daylight!

Patterns, texture and personality

Add a home spa...
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